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Applied MSS SM premium line of Kwik Cut Metal and Wood reciprocating blades are the best blades in the industry! Extended life - when cutting pipe, structural steel, and stainless steel without stripping teeth 44% thicker and stronger than standard metal cutting blades. Standard blades are only .035 thick. Faster, more efficient metal cutting, without bending and breaking Reduces operator fatigue Bi-metal blade. Increased blade life. Shatter resistant. For more details on Kwik Cut Saw Blades, see section CT 2, pages 78-80 Metal or Wood usage available Applied MSS SM Primary Wire General-purpose thermoplastic insulated wire ideal for automotive, truck, trailers, boats, and other point- to-point, low voltage wiring applications. Its jacket surface is smooth enough to easily go through loom or conduit yet tough enough to resist grease, oil, and acid. Meeting the standard for O.E. or replacement applications, this single conductor copper wire is the ideal solution for dependable general purpose needs. Voltage: Rated at 60V or less Temperature: Rated at 80 o C (176 o F) Voltage: Rated at 60V or less See pages 88-90 for Electrical Wire Connection Solutions for Industrial Fluids Push-to-Connect Technology Product Advantages Full bore for optimum fl ow Nitrile D-seal Ideal for vacuum or pressure applications 100% leak-tested in production Date coding to guarantee quality and traceability Conforms to ISO 14743 Markets Semi-Conductor Equipment Automation Textile Machinery Robotics Food Processing Printing Work It Like A Pro with products. Made in the U.S.A. since 1957 See catalog section CH 2, pages 3-4 for B'LASTER products now available See catalog section FT 2, pages 39-44

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