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We've Got You Covered You've heard the expression before "Don't sweat the small stuff." Well, when it comes to consumable parts, it's all small stuff. A well-organized parts area for consumable items can save a company thousands of dollars a year in the reduction of downtime and off-site parts chasing while improving overall shop productivity. There can be many challenges in trying to accomplish this on your own: multiple vendors, miscellaneous items spread throughout the shop, reordering methods and time constraints, lack of product knowledge and parts identification expertise of shop personnel, storage equipment selection, and the list goes on. We understand. We've got you covered. Applied Maintenance Supplies & Solutions specializes in the identification, organization, replenishment and supply of all the major categories of consumable maintenance parts you use in your daily operations. We understand the anatomy of a well-organized consumable parts area and the positive impact it can have on your business. Our product lines include: Fasteners, Electrical, Shop Supplies, Fittings Hose & Tubing, Paints & Chemicals, Cutting Tools, Transportation Parts and Safety Products. We have a full line of Storage Solutions as well as Vending Programs for consumption control. Looking to transform your operation? Speak to your Applied MSS SM Account Manager today or call us at (800) 458-4018 for a complimentary shop survey and get organized in your small parts area. Every small part counts We're here to manage them for you!

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