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114 1-800-458-4018 FA 2 Safeguard Non-Removable Aluminum Breakaway Nuts Ward off even the most determined thieves! Before After PART #00781 FOUND IN FA 1 ON PAGE 63 AVAILABLE IN AN ASSORTMENT Security Fasteners DIAMETER PART # SIZE QUANTITY 10-24 107104 7/16" Hex 25 1/4-20 107105 9/16" Hex 25 5/16-18 107106 6/8" Hex 25 3/8-16 107107 3/4" Hex 25 No special tool required-uses a standard wrench for installation. APPLICATIONS: Bathroom Fixtures Security Cameras Computers Signs Outdoor Lighting Televisions Monitors Playground Equipment Breakaway hex head accurately controls final torque (tightness) avoiding over torque and damage to the work surface. The conical shaped security nut remains after break-off to resist tampering.

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