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1-800-458-4018 187 FA 2 Thread Repair Applied MSS Coil Thread Repair Inserts & Kits For Repairing Stripped or Damaged Threads (Applied MSS Version of Helicoil ) Applied MSS Coil has the most effective and universally accepted method of thread repair. Applied MSS Coil inserts quickly and permanently restore stripped, worn or damaged threads to their original size and condition Easy to use... Just 1. DRILL Just 2. TAP Just 3. INSTALL Now you're back to the original size and the original size fastener can be used. When threads become stripped, worn or damaged for any reason, the strength and reliability are greatly reduced. When this happens on critical threaded assemblies, cars, and other types of equipment, it may become unsafe to operate. These potentially dangerous situations are eliminat- ed when the damaged thread is repaired with a Coil screw insert. The Coil threaded insert provides stronger, more reliable threads than the original tapped hole and at the same time eliminates the possibility of thread wear, seizing and corrosion.

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