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200 1-800-458-4018 FA 2 Applied MSS Rapid Drive Anchors Screw and Anchor in One For light to medium duty anchoring The New Rapid Drive Anchor is an all-steel one-piece screw anchor, which features high profile threads for easy fastening into wallboard and other masonry base materials. Its deep cutting corkscrew-like threads provide for smooth entry and a powerful hold, and when removed the Rapid-Drive Anchor leaves a much smaller hole than toggles or other systems. For aesthetic appearances, the Rapid-Drive Anchor is available in two color finishes: white and chrome; and in two head styles: pan and oval. For fastening into wallboard or wood, no pre-drilling is required, the anchor is insert- ed through the fixture and screwed in with an ordinary Phillips screwdriver. Fastening into concrete, hollow or grout filled block, brick and plaster requires a pre-drilled 3/16" ANSI hole. FEATURES BENEFITS High Profile threads Powerful hold, clean cutting and smooth entry Prevents spinning and stripping Heat Treated Point Penetrates both metal and wood studs Self-drilling in wallboard and wood Can install with fixture in place Removable Leaves a much smaller hole than toggles White or Chrome finish Matches any dcor SUITABLE BASE MATERIALS Wallboard Plywood Concrete Hollow or grout Brick Plaster Filled Block APPLICATIONS Electrical Fixtures Thermostats HVAC Fixtures Plumbing Fixtures Telecommunications Picture Frames Brackets Plaques & Awards Smoke Detectors Equipment Bathroom Accessories Shelving & Supports Mirrors Chalk & White Boards Size Range: 3/16" Diameter hole x 1-1/4" Length Anchor Material: Case Hardened Steel PART #00455KP FOUND IN FA 1 ON PAGE 71 PART #00474 FOUND IN FA 1 ON PAGE 71 AVAILABLE IN A KWIK PAK Anchor Fasteners PART # DESCRIPTION PKG QTY 113559 Phillips Oval Head Chrome 20 113560 Phillips Oval Head White 20 113561 Phillips Pan Head Chrome 20 113562 Phillips Pan Head White 20

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