Maintenance Supplies Solutions Page ST-2-3 Storage Units

1-800-458-4018 3 ST 2 Compartment Drawers Compartment Drawers - Blue Applied MSS blue in color Durable powdercoat finish Locking clasp and carrying handle Ideal for small parts and items that need to be kept clean Drawer types Cover stays open until closed All sizes visible at a glance 18"W x 12"D x 3"H Fits slide rack B01042, BO1043, B01046, and B01050 B01032 32-Compartment Plastic insert B01032I Adjustable Trays & Accessories Standard Metal Tray Applied MSS Blue in color PART # DESCRIPTION QTY. B01033 Empty Metal Tray/No Dividers/No Insert 1 Dividers PART # DESCRIPTION FITS DRAWER QTY. B01034 Verticle Dividers B01022 12 B01035 Horizontal Dividers B01022 12 B01036 Scoop Dividers B01023 9 B00999 Straight Dividers B01026 12 B01024 6-Compartment Horizontal Plastic insert B01024I B01026 6-Compartment Adjustable Horizontal Plastic insert B01026I B01027 12-Compartment Plastic insert B01027I B01025 6-Compartment Vertical Plastic insert B01025I B01023 Partially Adjustable Plastic insert B01023I *Comes with 9 dividers B01022 Fully Adjustable Plastic insert B01022I *Comes with 3 horizontal & 3 vertical dividers B01031 24-Compartment Plastic insert B01031I B01030 21-Compartment Plastic insert B01030I B01029 20-Compartment Plastic insert B01029I B01028 16-Compartment Plastic insert B01028I

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